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There are many ways you can support Lube and help us get to Broadway!!
You can support us financially by donating money to our GoFundMe Account. Alternately, you can help support us when we host an upcoming Kickstarter event, from which you will get some really cool rewards.
If you work in the film / television business, talk to us about our planned web-series based on the musical. We are also open to a feature film based on the show, or a mini-series TV show (streaming or otherwise). In addition to the 24 songs in the musical, we have 9 additional songs written so we already have 33 6-minute episodes written for the web series, which could be combined to provide 11 18-minute episodes for a longer streaming format. The script is done, the songs are in place, we just need someone to help with production.
Web Series
If you own or work at a business, you can contact The Creative Team below about becoming a partner in our efforts. We will be offering ad space in our program guide at very reasonable prices to help get the word out about your products and services to our elite group of gay and gay-supporting audiences.
If you'd like to sponsor the show in any way, please contact us so we can open a dialog about how such an arrangement could be mutually beneficial.
We are also offering opportunities to sponsor specific actors / dancers in the show, either at a single show or for the entire run of the show. Contact us to find out how inexpensive this option is and about the lifelong gratitude you'll get from the theatre community.
Or?? Do you have some other idea in mind about you you can help us? Drop a line and let's open a dialog. You'll be glad you did...


We Need Your Help!

By design, Lube  is many things to many people. With your help, we hope to eventually reach a national audience with an inspiring message of hope and tolerance. We want to make a real difference in the lives of isolated, targeted, at-risk youth. What’s different about this musical? Specifically:

· Lube  is the first musical that addresses the unique experience that is “growing up gay”

· Lube is a gay romp with great characters, interesting situations, and great music that audiences will want to sing along with — meaning people will want to see the show, and that provides advertising opportunities for your organization

· Lube  provides positive gay role models that are seriously lacking in its target audience

· Lube  has new music that offers many songs about the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are uniquely gay — many expressed in song for the first time

· While there is no sex in Lube , it tries to send a message that gay sex is ‘normal’ — at least for a gay person — in an attempt to help young gay adults deal with the hormone-inspired urges they are confronted with, often with a serious lack of guidance along with a generally disapproving society

· Lube  takes a look at bullying, trying to show the impact it can have on an isolated youth. While we know we can’t reach every bully out there, we can try to reach their friends and families who could help pressure them to change their ways

· Lube  provides an experience for gays that straights  have had for centuries — with lead characters they can directly relate to, walking out of the show saying, “I'm gay, they’re gay. They met someone fell in love, worked through their problems, and lived happily ever after. That could happen to me!”

· Lube  is a musical with a moral: As Queen Angel says in a climatic scene, “Just love yourself; the rest will fall in place”

· Finally, Lube  is an out-of-the-box attempt to address the national epidemic that is young adult suicide, especially among young gay adults. It does this through all of the above, trying to help at-risk youth see that life does get better

Your help means:

1. You get ad space in our Playbill and in other advertising, all targeted to a group that meets a desirable demographic

2. You get 2 tickets to a showing of the Lube  World Premiere

3. You can show your support for the LGBTQ community to an increasingly alienated demographic

4. Since a portion of our proceeds will be donated to The Trevor Project, a non-profit group with goals similar to those espoused by Lube , your help means we can make more of a difference to at-risk youth

5. You can start a fruitful relationship with an up-and-coming show with ambitions for Broadway

Until our crowdfunding efforts are underway, you can e-mail us if you’d like to be a sponsor or help out with either time or money.

Contact Us
Please feel free to contact The Lube Creative Team with any questions you might have about the project, or if you'd like to help us complete this project by getting it produced and who knows, maybe take it to Broadway!

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