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There's a whole world of LUBE Stuff that you grab for yourself! Strut your stuff and show off your fan-liness with these lubalicious and spec-tube-ular merchandise. Below you'll also find exclusive information about the LUBE Board Game that is in development, and how you can grab your very own copies of the three exclusive LUBE Ringtones for free!
Lube Merchandise
Available six Lube-alicious designs, you can get your own wonderful stuff! Hosted by Cafė Press, we offer a wide array of goods at no extra cost! You pay the flat fee imposed by the web site, and for now at least, we add no additional costs on top of what you pay in merchandise, taxes, and shipping.
Merchandise Selections
There you'll find items to sate the most refined of tastes, from shirts to blankets, from posters to notepaper, from cups to shower curtains. And more stuff is being added all the time. Be the first on your block to wear one of our spec-tube-ular fashion accessories and show your support for your favorite gay-themed, Broadway-style musical.
Gray T-ShirtHatWife BeaterMugHoodie

If you can't see the Cafė Press web site in the frame above, click here to go to their web site.
Lube: The Board Game
While still very  much a 'work in progress,' the underlying structure for the Lube Board Game are very much in place. It's part standard game (like Monopoly), part trivia, and part football game. Because of the pending World Premiere of the show, work on the game has been placed on hold. If any of our fans would like to volunteer to help keep forward momentum on the game moving forward, contact the Creative Team using the link below and let's talk.
Lube: The Board Game
Get your very own copy of the exclusive LUBE Ringtones, for both iPhone and Samsung! These three ringtones include 30-second samples of "Lube," "Helplessly Addicted To You," and "Damn These Feelings Anyway." Perfect for the Lube fan who wants to take the LUBE experience with him or her.
All you have to do is contact us (below) with your e-mail address and ask to be singed up for our monthly newsletter. You'll get a link to download the ringtones -- a $15 value!!
Contact Us
Please feel free to contact The Lube Creative Team with any questions you might have about the project, or if you'd like to help us complete this project by getting it produced and who knows, maybe take it to Broadway!

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