The Play

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LUBE is a new gay-themed musical. The lyrics and book were written by Jack Turner, and the music was composed by Brandon Bowerman. It's a Boy meets Boy, Boy loses Boy story that includes a few twists along the way. Itís set in modern times (2014) at a fictitious high school in Amarillo, Texas.

The show deals with the entire experience of growing up gay in a bigoted world, dealing with bullying, prejudice, and religious persecution. But it also deals with coming out, friendship, changing attitudes, and ultimately acceptance -- especially what is sometimes the hardest of all: self-acceptance. You'll meet straights, gays, bi-sexuals, and even a drag queen or two.

This gay romp is loaded with humor with original music that is catchy. The memorable lyrics will make you want to sing along. So join Andy and Manny as they meet, fall in love, then fall apart due to the influences of their friends and family. Will they ever get back together, or will they decide to hide their sexuality and live lives full of despair and lies?

The only way to find out is to see the show!