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First and foremost, help spread the word about this wonderful show. Post links to our web site on your Facebook page and other social media! Let all your friends and family know about this gay-themed, Broadway-style musical. The more followers we have, the easier it is to keep everyone updated about our progress in getting this gay-themed, Broadway-style musical to Broadway!!
Second, subscribe to our Newsletter! Drop a line to us (below) and ask to be added to our mailing list.  You'll receive an e-mail once a month with important updates about the show, progress toward the anticipated web series based on the play, lots of DIY information related to musical theatre and Lube, and much more. Plus, when you subscribe, you'll get a set of three ringtones for your iPhone or Samsung phone -- a $15 value!
Third, you can help us reach out to celebrities who might be interested in seeing the show, perhaps starring in the World Premiere, or just letting their fan base know about this cutting edge musical. Do you know someone famous? A-list, B-list, Z-list? Gay, straight, bi? Any support or endorsement we can get from someone with a following, big or small, would be a truly wonderful and appreciated event.
Fourth, do you know of a band or orchestra that might be interested in recording the instrumental tracks of the music? The Creative Team has reached out to every LGBT band and orchestra in the U.S., but has yet to find an organization interested in partnering with Lube. The band doesn't have to be gay, but it must at least be gay-friendly. We'd love to provide the music, have them practice, and then get some studio time under their belts to get really nice mastered tracks for the show. We don't have a lot of music, but we're happy to discuss compensation, including sharing the profits from the anticipated cast album. We are also open to a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to record the music, but history has shown that we need much more visibility and a much larger following for crowd-funding efforts to be successful.
Fifth, if you know any gay or gay-friendly Music Directors, Choreographers, Actors, Dancers, Costumers, Singers, Instrumentalists, or anyone who would like to be involved up close and personally with this production, please send them our way. We may not have much money now, but if they board this train bound for Broadway early, we'd love to have them along for the ride -- and YOU, if you're interested. Let us know how you'd like to help.
Sixth, you can volunteer to help with a variety of aspects of getting Lube produced. We could always use dedicated, devoted, and talented people to help with social media outreach, managing this web site, compiling and editing the monthly Newsletter, providing stage support for the eventual World Premiere, perhaps even acting, singing, or dancing in the actual show. Money is very tight at this point, but The Creative Team keeps a fond place in their hearts for anyone who dedicates their talents to supporting the show in any fashion that they can.
Seventh, we would like to find someone who is excited by games and gaming. Help take charge of Lube: The Board Game (see the Stuff tab) and you'll not only have some degree of control over the final product, but you'll have an opportunity to share in the profits (if any) from sales of the game.
Eighth, and finally, you can purchase Lube Merchandise, especially shirts, T-shirts, and hoodies, etc., to show your support to all your friends and help open a dialog with strangers about the wonderful experience that is Lube. At the moment, all Merchandise available through CafėPress is offered at cost so you, our fans, can get Lube Stuff for the cheapest price available. That won't last forever, so get 'em while they're hot.
Contact Us
Please feel free to contact The Lube Creative Team with any questions you might have about the project, or if you'd like to help us complete this project by getting it produced and who knows, maybe take it to Broadway!

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