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While LUBE has not yet had its World Premiere, it has had several acts read at local Playwright groups -- with resounding success, I might add. The Creative Team has also filmed an entire act (Scene 6 -- At the Movies), from which three music videos were extracted.
Lube: Scene 6
LUBE had it's first staged reading at the LGBT Center in San Diego in 2016. For that, all of the music was recorded. Below, you'll find three 'Staged' videos and two "Unplugged" videos. Together, they give a pretty good representation of what the final show will look and sound like: minus the production values we hope to include in the World Premiere, of course.
The Center
Music Videos

Lube (Theme from Lube: A Modern Love Story)

Helplessly Addicted To You

Damn These Feelings Anyway

Boy, He's Such A Drama Queen

Achin' In The High School Hall
Other Sounds
Below you can listen to all of the music from Lube (except for the quick rap, "Lust Is An Often Censored Thing," which has not yet been recorded). Quality varies greatly, as most of the songs were recorded for the first staged reading held in 2016 -- either rehearsal recordings or artist renditions. Due to time and budget constraints, getting optimal recordings for every song was a challenge. We hope to find a band to record all the instrumentals and get professional, studio-quality songs in the near future. Stay tuned!! If you know any band or orchestra that might be interested, let us know!! If we get them onboard, you'll get a reward.

Please enjoy the spectrum of the wonderful music composed by Brandon Bowerman, with lyrics by Jack Turner, that is the essence of the experience called "Lube: A Modern Love Story."
Track Song Sung By About
0 Lube Medley
Instrumental Overture
1 Lust Is An Often Censored Thing Background Singers / Rap Spoof
2 I Met You
Manny and Andy How young gay men frequently feel they have to hide a part of themselves, and about the relief of finally meeting that special someone with whom they can share their most intimate secrets.
3 Lube
Dairy Queen Theme song. A humorous farce about perceptions, stereotypes, and sex. 
4 All Fed Up
Andy and David About the lack of solid stereotypes in the gay community, especially for young gay adults.
5 Summer Campin'
Manny and Andy
Manny and Andy tell their friends about how they met at football camp, with slightly different interpretations about what happened.
6 Queers in Amarillo
Coach Rydell An older man reminisces about the days when gays stayed in the closet, and reminisce about his college days.
7 Andy
Manny  Manny sings about how he wants to be with Andy, but how he is afraid to come out because of what his friends and family might think.
8 Spooning
Andy After their breakup, Andy remembers the closeness he felt with Manny at camp, knowing he'll probably never again be with Manny and wondering if he'll ever meet anyone else.
9 Horn Dog
Stick and Don Two of the football players give Biff a hard time because he's always acting like a Casanova, telling him they suspect he's still a virgin.
10 Just a Hand Job
Biff Biff, feeling pressured by his friends, tries to talk his girlfriend, Mitzie, into doing more than just kissing and letting him have "a grope or two."
11 Helplessly Addicted to You
Andy After running into Manny, with his girlfriend, for the first time since their breakup, sings about his love for Manny, lamenting the fact that Manny won't come out of the closet and be with him.
12 Damn These Feelings, Anyway
Manny Manny, after seeing Andy for the first time since their breakup, is confused by his strong attraction to another man, and vows to seek counseling to help him sort out his feelings.
13 Least Enlightened
Pastor Baker When Manny goes to church to talk with his Pastor about gay relationships, Pastor Baker rants about the Bible and 'homo-sex-y'alls.' When Manny says his attitude doesn't seem very enlightened, the Pastor says, "Enlightened? If you mean puttin' up with homo-sex-y'alls, I don't want to be enlightened."
14 Look at Me, I'm Gay, You See
Stick and Don Stick and Don make fun of Andy for being gay, not realizing Andy is watching and listening in.
15 There Are Worse Things I Could Be
Andy Andy, lamenting the harassment he has to put up with for being gay and out, sings about all the things he could be that are worse than simply being gay.
16 Achin' In The High School Hall
David David, who is afraid to come out of the closet, sings this gay anthem about gay rights, social justice, and how he hopes things get better for future generations.
17 Boy, He's Such a Drama Queen
Mary Mary, always the religious homophobe, gives Andy a hard time for being in a funk because he can't seem to help David cope with his ongoing depression.
18 Barber Shop Reject
Queen Angel Queen Angel, a street-wise, flippant, sassy, pull-no-punches kind of 'gal,' gives Davis the obligatory makeover while providing her words of advice and the moral of Lube, "Just love yourself; the rest will fall in place."
19 Boner At The Triplex Movie

Biff Biff sings about his frustration over not being able to talk his girlfriend, Mitzie, into having sex with him, knowing once again he'll have to take matters into his own hands.
20 Complaining on Prom Night
Lizzie Lizzie, exasperated by the fact that the closer she tries to get to Manny, the more he seems to push her away, sings about her frustration that Manny won't do more than kiss.
21 These Tragic Chains
Andy Andy, who knows in his head that Manny won't come out of the closet to be with him, has to deal with the fact that his heart is still set on having Manny. He resolves to graduate, move away, get away from Manny, and to let "first love denied ... act as teacher and as guide."
22 Blue Balls
Biff Biff, who once again is rebuffed by Mitzie at Prom, has a quick fling with David. This song is his swan song where he laments that fact that his first time wasn't with Mitzie, but realizes that he isn't sorry and that "chastity is much overrated."
23 Look at Me, I'm Gay, You See (reprise)
Andy Andy takes a close look at himself and realizes he, because of the lack of role models and the pervasiveness of stereotypes, has become a "mere stereotype," resolving to change for a chance to be with Manny.
24 Manny, My Dear
Lizzie Lizzie, who overheard Andy at Prom singing about finally leaving and getting away from Manny, confronts her boyfriend about his true feelings and desires.
25 You're the Man That I Love
Manny and Andy Manny, after much soul searching, decides his love for Andy is more important than anything else, and this song is him coming out of the closet to his friends and professing his true love for Andy.
26 We Fit Much Better
Cast Ensemble The whole gang is back together, professing their love for each other and how they fit much better than most anything else that you can think of.
Below is a link to SoundCloud, where we host a repository of all the music recorded for the show thus far. Some of the songs are the same as above, and some are different. As mentioned above, sound quality varies greatly, and we've done the best we can in terms of time and budget available.
Lube: A Modern Love Story on SoundCloud
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All you have to do is contact us (below) with your e-mail address and ask to be singed up for our monthly newsletter. You'll get a link to download the ringtones -- a $15 value!!
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Please feel free to contact The Lube Creative Team with any questions you might have about the project, or if you'd like to help us complete this project by getting it produced and who knows, maybe take it to Broadway!

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