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Lube World Premiere to be held in New York City!

New York City? Git a Rope.

Playwright and lyricist Jack Turner received word from Paul Adams of the Emerging Artists Theater (EAT) in New York that Lube: A Modern Love Story was chosen to be part of their Spring New Work Series which runs Feb thru March of 2018. The schedule has slipped a couple of times to ensure funding is in place to provide audiences the full spec-tube-ular performance the show deserves.  The show will be staged at the TaDa! Theater.
Thus far, we have brought the wonderful Andy Scott onboard as director for the show. We are still looking for other talented, gay-friendly members to join the Creative Team, including a Music Director, Choreographer, and others. If you are interested in helping stage this trendsetting musical, contact the Creative Team using the link below.
The Lube Creative Team is in the middle of serious planning. You can subscribe to our monthly Newsletter and get a set of three FREE Lube Ringtones (see Lube Stuff for details). It's the easiest way for us to keep you posted.
  • Final dates are set for performances
  • The music director and choreographer are brought on board
  • The music is recorded, or a band is selected to perform live
  • Actors, singers, and dancers are hired
  • Rehearsals begin
The available slots for performances are 7 pm and 9 pm - seven days a week, Monday through Sunday for 3 weeks.  Each piece gets one presentation. The 7 pm slots are for 60 minutes or less. The 9 pm slots are for musicals, plays and solo works that exceed 60 minutes. As a longer piece, Lube will need to be scheduled in the later time slot. There also is an option to schedule additional performances for an additional fee. Depending on demand and interest, we may try for two shows a week, for at least one week up to the entire three weeks. Tell your friends and family about Lube and help us create interest for the show as we wend our winding way to Broadway.
The Lube Creative Team is also reaching out to local LGBTQ organizations in New York to collaborate with, to support with a portion of the proceeds, and for their help in getting the word out about Lube and its important message: “Just love yourself; the rest will fall in place.”
Love Yourself
Lube was also written as an out-of-the-box attempt to help address the national tragedy that is the epidemic of young adult suicides, especially among young gay adults. They’re also looking at the possibility of getting an LGBTQ Celebrity or two to star in the show. If you know any celebrities (huge stars or local New York favorites) who might be interested in getting involved in some capacity, please send them our way!!
The Lube Creative Team sends a huge thanks to Paul, Vanessa, and Scott from the Emerging Artists Theatre for helping bring Lube to life.
Emerging Artists Theatre
Contact Us
Please feel free to contact The Lube Creative Team with any questions you might have about the project, or if you'd like to help us complete this project by getting it produced and who knows, maybe take it to Broadway!

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